Alone, together

One of the little things that I have missed since the start of lockdown is my weekly Zumba class. I am a terrible dancer and I have little co-ordination, but I love the music and the energy of Zumba.

Today my Zumba teacher ran an online class. Her first following the birth of her baby, she said in advance that it would be an easy one. Dear Reader, it turned out that was a lie. It was a great work out. It was also, somewhat unexpectedly, an emotional one too.

There were thirty or so women on the Zumba Zoom. Many of them strangers, along with a few familiar faces from my usual Wednesday night class. Some were dancing in their kitchens, some in the lounge or the dining room. In our usual gym gear but dancing around our furniture. There were folk dancing with their children, but mostly in each square in the gallery view was a lone woman.

We danced alone but somehow together. Half way though the class the emotion found me.  Loving the music and feeling the energy, but struck by how separated we all were even whilst virtually connected.

I was both sad and happy at the same time.

Sad at the fact that this is how we Zumba now, and we just don’t know when that will change. When will I be able to walk into my gym, take up my favourite space in the studio (at the back, away from the mirror) and chat with the other attendees? There is no answer to this question, and that is perhaps one of the hardest things about our current situation.  Happy though, that through technology we can still do this, cheered by the smiling faces through the screen and my teacher’s seemingly unstoppable energy.

In trying to find a positive in every situation, at least when you turn your camera off, no one can see how badly you are dancing….

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