No gym, no problem

I am normally a gymaholic. I think I may have found the closure of my gym more challenging that the closure of the schools. It’s been hard too, not going to exercises classes or working out with my Personal Trainer. This is the stuff that sustains me. It is my third place.

What is sustaining you right now while we are in lockdown?

Wellbeing is a very personal thing. What enables it or detracts from it will vary from individual to individual. Every so often a new (or not or new) ‘thing’ will come along. A different diet, the latest exercise craze, an innovative App.

But despite what the marketing people say, there is no one, single thing that will enable our wellbeing, nor get us fit or help us loose that stubborn belly fat (etc).

My gym replacement thing during lockdown has been exercising outdoors.  I needed a challenge. I set myself a combined running and cycling goal at the beginning of April; to move my body 200K.  As someone who prefers weights over cardio this was just enough of a stretch goal to get me moving every day, to give me focus. This approach doesn’t work for everyone, but I’ve always found it is good for me.

The goal was reached and breached on the 27th. Now it’s time to set another for May. Just maybe, by the time that new challenge is over, we will be a little bit closer to the gym opening again (here’s hoping….).

There is no single welbeing thing that will work for everyone, provide that valuable support during this oh so strange time.  I hope you have managed to find something that works for you.


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