The same, but different

We are each of us living through the same experience. A global pandemic. Changes to the very fabric of our daily lives. Restrictions on our freedom, the potential of ill-health and loss.
How we experience this same event however, is unique for all of us. Wellbeing at any time is unique, individual, contextual. Now perhaps even more so.
For some, the current situation means more time. Perhaps furlough or less work to do. The days may feel long, the lack of structure disconcerting. A loss of meaning and purpose. For others, the pressure of balancing work and homeschooling or caring for others. Overwhelm and anxiety.
Those who live alone experiencing isolation.
Those with families craving a moment of quiet.
Those for whom more time with family is a blessing, and those for whom it is a challenge.
Some relishing the break from the commute, others craving contact with others.
There will be some people who are coping just fine, some who are struggling. Others somewhere in between, fluctuating daily.

There is no one way to feel, be or live through this time. There is only our own experience.

In terms of coping and maintaining wellbeing, no best practice, no single top tip.

Just what works for you, with your own particular context.

If you can, try to do one small thing for your wellbeing every day, whatever that is, with what time you have. Your experience is unique to you, and so are your wellbeing needs.

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