I’ve been thinking that I ought to write something here about the current situation in which we all find ourselves. But what to write? There is content everywhere right now. Is there anything left to say, and if there is, will it be out of date in a matter of hours as restrictions become ever tighter?

I can offer only this.

There is no normal, today.
There isn’t much that we are in personal control of right now. Little we can influence in the day to day.
It is okay to feel stressed, anxious, weird, sad, unsettled, discombobulated.
Emotions are there to be felt, they are there to tell us something.
We are grieving. For what was, the things we had planned, the way of life that was ours until just a few weeks ago.
This is okay, too.

Don’t tell yourself how you ought to be feeling.
Don’t tell anyone ‘we will get through this’ and ‘everything will be okay’ because that isn’t necessarily the case and it might not be.
Don’t have high expectations of yourself right now. This maybe isn’t the time to learn a new language, do Coach to 5K, write a book, finish that qualification.
Be kind to yourself. Cut yourself some slack. Take some deep breaths.

Do something, even if it just a small thing, for your wellbeing every day.
Get fresh air, take some gentle exercise in any way you can, make good food choices.

That is enough, for now.

Take care of you, and yours.

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