Mindless Eating

I had a meeting a couple of days ago, in a room where earlier on,  a training course had taken place.

The training course delegates had had a buffet.

They hadn’t eaten the crisps.

I know right?

I mean what sort of people had been on this training course anyway?

As I chatted to a colleague, I put my hand in the bowl and helped myself.

And then again, and then again.

I looked down five minutes later and realised I had munched a massive pile of the things without even noticing.

They were nice, but I hadn’t been hungry and I didn’t really need or want them.

They had just been there. It was completely mindless eating.

There was no active thought process.

This is so easy to do. Something left on the kids plate.  Biscuits in the office.  Leftovers on the cooker.  An empty packet of something or other in the fridge.

Automatic pilot kicks in – and off we go.

Afterwards, the recognition……. and the regret.

Are you eating mindfully – or just eating?


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