Hello sunshine

The sun is shining.  It’s made an early appearance this year, and I’m glad to see it.


I love exercising outdoors. Every year I watch the sunset get later and later, waiting for that day when I get home in the full light with enough time to grab my bike and go out for a ride.  It’s all too easy to hibernate in the winter.  Dark morning and evenings along with the cold don’t exactly entice you to do much.  Whilst I do run in the winter, I also  find it so much more difficult to get my legs moving well.  But more light and more sunshine makes all the difference.

Walking, cycling, running…… all so much nicer outside. Fresh air in your lungs. Stuff to see.  Sunlight on your skin.

Time to re-emerge, get off the sofa.

Get outside. Breathe deeply. Simply move.

Put the Spring into your step.

And enjoy it while it lasts!

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