I see you


She’s new, I think.

She seems unsure. A little uncertain, especially around the big machines, the gym hardcore elite.

The weights don’t sit neatly in her hands… just yet.

She looks around, but doesn’t make eye contact.

She hangs out only in the deserted areas of the gym floor.

She is dressed like I did, when I first started out. Covering up as much as possible.

Nervous laughter.

She has someone with her. From the corner of my eye they are doing all the right things.

Starting slow. Demonstrating technique.  Encouraging smiles.

I see you, I want to say to her. I see you and I feel you.

Stick with it, I want to tell her.  A few weeks from now you will feel stronger and more confident.  Just stick with it.  Keep coming.  Listen to your guide.

Believe in yourself, I want to cheerlead for her.

The stuff you are doing today can be your warm up in the future.

You got this.

I see you.

And I know I’ll see you soon.

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