Running, again.

Today, I ran.

It’s been a long time.

Months in fact.

Right now, I feel a long way from the girl that last year ran a half marathon, did a mud run and their first triathlon.

I’ve been quiet on this blog. Mainly, because there has been nothing new to say.  How many times can you write that you still aren’t getting your shit together with this stuff before it gets boring?

I know what I need to do, but somehow I am just still not doing it.  For months now, it has been excuses all the way.

But I remembered how I got into running in the first place. I joined a beginners group – and that started everything.  With the support of other runners, I found my running groove.

Where I work now, there is a whole running community going on. And they are have a beginners group.  I figured if it worked before, it might work again.

So I signed up.

I was nervous.  I wasn’t entirely sure I still knew how to do this stuff.  Physically, I am heavier than I was when I was running last.  I have a dodgy knee that I can’t quite get right.  I wasn’t even sure I had the breath (or VO2 max if you want the proper term) to sustain a run of any sort.

I carried my kit on the train this morning, still not entirely sure I was going to go. I’d lined up an excuse just in case (meetings, meetings).  Only they changed the time just for me and I didn’t have an excuse any more.

So I went.

Putting on my running shoes has always felt good. Wearing them after such a long time felt like coming home.

On the run itself, I was, if I am honest, a bit rubbish. But as they say (on Pinterest anyway), a bad run is better than no run.

The girl who once ran more than 13 miles without once stopping to walk is still in there.

And now she is running again.

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