Why diets suck

As a word, ‘diet’ simply means what we eat. But it has come to mean something else.  It has come to mean following an eating plan with a view to losing weight.

We announce that we are ‘on a diet’ to ourselves or to others.

Well of course we are.  We are all on a diet, even if it is made up of Pot Noodles and Big Mac Meals and Prosecco.

But with the more regularly understood definition of the word in mind, I am going to say….. diets suck.

Diets suck for lots of reasons.

First up, as soon as we think we are on a diet we feel deprived and want to eat ALL OF THE THINGS.

Second. Many of them aren’t long term sustainable in terms of having an actual life.

Thirdly, however they are dressed up, they are only telling us what we already know.

Whether you follow Weight Watches, Slimming World or the Body Coach, it all amounts to the same thing, right at the very core of it. Eat less crap, move about more.

We need to reclaim the word ‘diet’. A diet is what we eat.  Some are healthy and some are less so.  My diet recently has not been good enough.  I have not been eating according to my goals.  I don’t need to follow a plan to know this.  I know that if, like last week, we ate out several times and consumed a fair amount of wine along the way, the scales will tell their own story come Monday morning.

If you want to lose weight, create a calorie deficit. That is what every diet plan is fundamentally all about.  Whether you are actually counting calories or not, it’s about energy in versus energy out.  When you check out a class or a programme or a magazine article, there is no magic formula contained within.  At the core of it will be more fruit and veg and protein and water.  Less (unhealthy) fat and sugar in whichever guise it appears.  More exercise and movement.

So my suggestion is don’t ‘go on a diet’ if you want to lose weight. Just improve the one that you already have.

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