Feel the rhythm

On Monday, my OH and I had planned to go running. But he was late home from work, and we were tired, and you know… excuses.  So we promised to go on Wednesday instead.  Only when Wednesday came it was raining.  Heavily.  I looked at him and he looked at me and it was a close thing, but we had promised.  And so we went.

It was cold and windy and very, very wet.

I really would rather have done anything but run outside.  Only once you actually start to run, you don’t mind all that much. As a quote somewhere on Pinterest says, the hardest thing is getting out of the door.  But once you have, and your legs find their rhythm and you tune into the sound of your feet on the floor, it’s all good.

In all the exercise that I have done, events too, one thing is true. You never regret a workout.  You never come home and wish you hadn’t bothered.  Even those workouts that don’t work out.  There are times when I run or cycle that my legs just don’t feel it.  There are times when I am tired and I don’t perhaps push as hard as I could.  There are gym trips and classes that feel great and some that feel less so.

But you never regret going.

So to every runner that has gone out in the rain or the wind or the snow. To every gym goer that gets up early to go before work when you really want to stay in bed. To the person that does when their brain is telling them to do not.

You did it. You moved your body.  You did a good thing for yourself.

Don’t stop.

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