The wrong (size) trousers

I said I was back on it.

And I am.

Sort of.

Well, I am being better, at least.

This morning however…….

Work trousers.

You know when you do that thing of keep wearing the same thing? And then you find something in the back of the wardrobe you’d kind of forgotten about and decide to wear it.  I did that. With some work trousers.

Only to find that they didn’t fit.

Neither did the next pair.

When I lost all my weight, I felt so amazing. I couldn’t understand why people ever put weight back on again. Why people did the yo-yo thing.

Because when you had worked so hard, why would you undo it all?  Give it up?

Oh, but the bad habits are so easy to slip back in to.

I lost six stone. I celebrated the milestone last summer.  I have recently put 11lb back on.

This is where it stops. Right now. This is my promise to myself. No more.

There are only two options. Lose it again, or buy bigger clothes.

In the past, I did the latter. Only that’s the start of a slippery slope, as I know well. Because a size 16 turns into a size 18 turns into a 20 and so on.

This time, I chose the former. Again.

So a little bit better isn’t good enough.

I know what to do. I have the qualifications and experience after all.

More water. More protein.  More exercise.

Less sugar. Less sitting on the sofa.

Fewer carbs. Fewer calories.

Fewer excuses.

Trousers, I am coming to get you.

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