Back in the game (again)

Towards the end of last year, I blogged about how hard I was finding the fitness stuff.  How life stuff was getting in the way and I couldn’t find my energy.  I wondered if it has left me for good.  The desire, the ability, the need.

I made promises to myself.  I broke them all.


I have been running.

Not far.  Not far at all. I didn’t measure it.  That was just too big and scary.


I have had my running shoes on my feet.

I moved my body.  I felt the familiar rhythm of the run.

It was hard.

I ached, after just a short distance.  A mixture of feelings.  Elation that I did.  Sadness about how far I am from the girl that was, this time last year, training for a half marathon.

I’m not the person that I was.  But it is still there.  Somewhere.  Underneath.  I could feel it.

Ready to be reborn.

2 thoughts on “Back in the game (again)

  1. Hi, I downloaded and read your book today – truthful, funny & inspiring are a few words that sprung to mind whilst reading – so thank you that.
    Like you said in your book, I also have a million excuses why I haven’t managed to lose the weight that I keep telling myself I want to, and like you I have a love/hate relationship with running – it feels like a necessary evil most of the time, but other than walking, it’s the only form of exercise I find mildly doable!
    I have ‘only’ ever had ‘only’ about 1st to lose rather than the incredible 6st that you lost; however, the battle going on inside my head is identical! I have been a 1st yoyo for too many of my adult years! You’re book has inspired me to knuckle down and try again – and to succeed once and for all – I need to get on with it, or quite frankly, shut the f**k up moaning about it! I’m bored listening to me!
    I got to the end of your book and saw the link to your blog – also a good read, although I’m sorry to see / read that you have more recently been struggling again and have slipped into old habits – how are you doing now?


    • Hello, and thank you for the feedback on my book. The last few months have been tough. I’ve relocated, started a new job with a very long commute, and had illness in the family. These factors have had a double impact. It has cut into my exercise time, and when I have had time I haven’t felt like it emotionally. It’s also made me realise how easy it is to slip back into bad habits. They are always there, and weight and diet will always be a challenge for me. I have put a little weight back on which I am now focusing on losing. This weekend just gone saw me at my first event in nine months. So hopefully I am getting back on track. But I will be blogging about it, whatever happens!

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