I’ve been off my fitness regime. Big style.

Home stuff, work stuff, not enough sleep and too much crap food stuff. Oh yeah, and all of the wine. It has of late been all too easy to cancel a session, skip a class, do the easy, gentle exercise and not the challenging one. Just 5K instead of 10.

I’ve been out of my normal routine for about three weeks. That doesn’t seem all that long perhaps.  But it is long enough to de-train.  The process beings in as little as three weeks.  And I can see it physically and feel it mentally.

I’m trying to find my mojo again. On Saturday I ran.  Badly.  After just 20 minutes in the park, heavy legs and tired lungs.  An excuse to go home easily found.

This morning, the gym. The stuff that used to be my warm up, hard going.  The weights that I used to be able to lift, out of my reach.  Tired only half way through.

My trainer could see me struggling. Silently, gently, he regressed me.  Took me back a few steps in the process.  Made it easier.

And as he handed me the light weights, he didn’t say anything. He didn’t criticise or make a big deal of it.  But I’m a PT too. And I know the drill.  Regress the exercise.  Drop the weight or the intensity or both.  Don’t push the client and damage their confidence. Build them back up again.

Today, I pulled out of my next event. I’m just not in that place right now.

So today, I’m starting over.

I know what to do.  Good, clean, fresh food.  Lots of water. Protein and more protein. Less wine…..much less.

Get out of bed. Get moving. Get focused. Just do it.

I’ll get back on form again soon. Just you watch.

1 thought on “Regression.

  1. Hope you get your excerise mojo back again soon Gem. I’m feeling much the same, after a couple weeks of no running after a particularly tough marathon. It’s now easier to do nothing. I like the idea of accepting the regression way back. Nothing too tough, just getting out there and building up again. I’ll follow your lead!


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