So near but so far

Yesterday was Leeds 10K. The race that I measure myself against.

I wanted a time. I wanted to be sub one hour.  Slow for some perhaps, but fast for me.

It didn’t happen.

I started well. Checking the Garmin, I was on track until about 4K.  And then I could see it start to slip away from me.

By the 7K mark, it was over.

Only you keep on running all the same.

One hour, one minute and 53 seconds.

Here’s the thing. You don’t get what you don’t train for. And I hadn’t, not really.  No excuses.  I could blame the tightly bunched crowd at the start. Or the time for the water stops. Or the bloke in the bloody Minions costume that I nearly tripped over trying to get past (I didn’t by the way, he totally kicked my ass).

But the simple truth is that whilst I ran my heart out, it just wasn’t fast enough.

On the plus side it was a PB.  As well as being a whole nine minutes faster than my time for last year.

So now there is only one option. Try again.  In four weeks, one more event, one more attempt to meet my target.

If at first you don’t succeed……

In running and in life.

1 thought on “So near but so far

  1. You might not have hit your original target, but a 9 minute PB is definitely something to be rightly proud of. You beat the time set by a younger you – can’t ask for better than that! Well done Gem,that sub60 is just around the corner I’m sure!


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