Total Warrior

mudder 1.jpg

Anyone that has ever done an endurance event knows that success is only partly about your level of fitness. It is about your body, but also your mind and your heart.

Today, for all sorts of reasons, none of the three were completely ready and present. It was fake it till you make it time. Looking for my game face down the back of the sofa.  But the event was booked.  Total Warrior was calling.  My first ever proper mud run.  12K, 30 punishing obstacles.  My toughest challenge so far.

A cold filling my head. A cough, impacting my lung function.  People around me handing me ready made excuses.  You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.  You can always stop half way round if you can’t finish. Are you sure?

Screw that. This girl flies with her own wings.  There is no DNS and there is no DNF. Not any more.

Messages from friends got me to the start line.  And then that big event feeling kicked in.

Today, I crawled through water on my belly underneath barbed wire. I waded through mud up to my waist. Repeatedly.  I carried a huge log up and down hills.  I slid down a 100 foot slide.  Went up and over a climbing wall, nearly falling but for the man who put his arm over and literally dragged me across the top.  I went through muddy tunnels on my stomach and under cargo nets on my back.  I was electrocuted. I hung on monkey bars….. for a few seconds at least, before I crashed into the water beneath.  I jumped into a tonne of ice.  I was wet and cold and dirty.  And I loved it.

My fear of water nearly took over at just a few obstacles in. Chest high, black water.  Every step into the unknown.  Debris floating all around.  Every step uneven.  Wondering if the next one would be the one that took me under.  But I kept going all the same.

And that is what it is all about. Really.  Challenging yourself to do something new, different, difficult.  As the sign at the beginning said…… do what you are afraid to do.

This is where the magic happens.

mudder 2.jpg


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