Morning Run

This morning I got up early as usual to go to the gym before work. As I woke the light peaking from behind the curtains suggested otherwise.  A bright, beautiful morning.  Low, early  morning sun.

Ten minutes later my running shoes are on, my hair is tied back and my Garmin is set.

It was the kind of morning that makes you grateful. Grateful for the weather, grateful for that me time, the ability to be able to do it at all.

A mile or so away from home and I’m away from the main roads. Into the side streets. Almost no traffic.  Soundtrack: birdsong.

I always have my headphones in when I’m at the gym. But when I’m outside I would rather just listen to the world.

My early runs are in sync with a couple of people on our local high street. More often or not I see the greengrocer pulling out his outdoor stalls.  There’s a small accountancy firm with an early riser, sometimes unlocking the office.  I fancy that he’ s the type that savours some precious time before the phone starts ringing and everyone else gets to the office.

A few people at the bus stop beginning their commute.  A dog walker or two.  This morning, two young rabbits, scurrying through the field that I cut across on my way home. The occasional other runner. My neighbour’s cat lounging in a spot of warm sunlight.

And just me. Simply running.

1 thought on “Morning Run

  1. Lovely blog post Gem. I used to hate silence but since having the battery changed in my car 3 weeks ago and (idiot me) not knowing the code to my radio, I’ve been driving around in silence and I’m rather liking it.

    Right now, I’m actually sitting in the dealership where I bought the car, waiting for them to find the code for me. I don’t know if I really want it now 😉

    LBB x


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