Race for Life

This weekend I am running the Race for Life – the muddy version.

Race for Life is a special thing, both for its purpose but also for me personally.

I have taken part a few times now. To stand with other women, for other women, is empowering.  Purposeful.

To see the reasons why, and for whom, people are running is emotional and humbling.

Names on shirts. Survivors…. and those we have lost.

Mine will simply say ‘all women’. For this is a disease that impacts so many, my own family included.

I have other female friends running their own race for life this summer too for their own reasons, and to both remember and celebrate those that they have lost.

There is another reason that race for life means much to me. Two years ago, it was my first ever running event.  I took part with apprehension, with no idea if my body would make it the whole 5K.  Of course it did.  But I remember clearly as I neared the end, looking at those stronger women who were going around for the second time, signed up for the longer distance, and wondering how on earth they could.  Thinking that I would never be able too.  That race was my first taste of what it was like to want a time, to beat a time, to run for yourself and for something bigger.

So to everyone who is running the race for life this year, whatever your reason, may I send you luck, love and thanks.

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