#LeedsHalf. Bring it on.

One of the greatest joys of life is doing something you didn’t think that you could do. Or so a quote I saw on Pinterest said anyway.

On Sunday I am running the Leeds Half Marathon.

Right now, I don’t know if I can do it. I have never run that distance before and if I am honest, my training hasn’t been that focused.  My preparatory long runs have equalled, well, none.

But I believe that I can do it. And that is what counts.

It may be slow, it may not be pretty, it may not be podium worthy, but I will get around that course. Somehow.

I’ve got a strategy. Turn up, run as fast as you can, try not to walk and try not to die.

I’ve got something to prove you see. To myself.

I’m going to do something that a few years ago, when I couldn’t run for a bus, I never thought possible.

Bring. It. On.

I’m running for Retrak Charity, who have a vision that no child should live on the streets. If you would like to sponsor me for this great cause, you can find the link here.

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