Who’s that girl?

I get reflective at this time of year.

Because April is when I began what I used to call a diet, but now think of the time that I began my whole new life.

Four years ago I decided that I needed to lose some weight. I didn’t know how much.  I didn’t really have a goal. I just started…. something.

I didn’t know back then that everything in my life would be different.

My weight has changed, a lot. So have my fitness levels.

But others things along the way too. My confidence, how and where I spend my time, my whole outlook on life.

Every week, I go to a HIIT class. Some weeks we do boxing, other weeks it is plyometrics (basically jumping on and off stuff).  But lots of weeks it is based around free weights and barbells.  Those weeks are my favourite.  I love weights. Even owning a pair of weight lifting gloves makes me feel like a badass.

Last night at the end of the class I found myself watching a girl in the mirror. She’s wearing all of the sports gear. Hair scraped back, sweat dripping.  She was kneeling on the floor, taking apart a barbell.  I could see the muscle definition on her shoulders and arms. She was the kind of girl that I wanted to be before I started this thing.

And then I realised.

The girl in the mirror was me.

And I have still no idea how I became her.

But all the same, I think that I’m starting to like her.

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