A little PT theory….

I’ve been working with a PT for a little over a year now. I am also training to become one myself.  I have set out below my most important learnings from this process should you ever decide to get yourself a trainer too.

  1. Never talk to them too much whilst you are exercising. They will take this as a sign that you are not exercising hard enough and will increase the torture level considerably.
  2. Whilst lifting weights, it is advisable to pull a few faces. Consider also including some ‘I am in pain’ grunting type noises towards the end of the set. Otherwise they will take this as a sign that the weight should increase significantly.
  3. When they ask you how you are feeling about the intensity of the exercise on a scale of 1-10 never, ever say less than 8. Otherwise they will take this as a sign you are not working hard enough and increase the torture level accordingly.
  4. If you have an injury or health problem you should always tell your PT. However, never complain about being sore from a previous workout or tell them that you are tired. This is a signal to a PT that you are being a big lazy wuss and need to be appropriately dealt with.
  5. Remember that it is their watch and their rep count that matters. And their watch is always, always slow. It is not advisable to tell a PT that you think a minute has passed.  Because they might just make it two.


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