Target Weight

When I began my weight loss journey, there was a goal. A number in my  head.

Just a small one to begin with. Lose ten pounds. I hit it, and set another one.

And so it has continued for the last four years.

Some targets, smashed out of the park.

Others, hard fought for and a long time coming.

For the last six months I have had a number in mind. An arbitrary one perhaps, but symbolic to me. A number based on nothing more than when I hit it, I will have lost six stone.

It has been just out of reach for what feels like a very, very long time. A few pounds away, but a thousand miles too.

And then.

It was there.

Totally unexpected.

Nothing different that week. Just one more week of hitting the gym hard and counting the calories.

And then the number is there.

A pause for reflection. Gratitude that the work has finally paid off.  A deep breath. I have arrived.

Today, that number has gone again thanks to a weekend of Easter treats.  But it will be back.  It is within my sights.

And then…. the next target.

Bring it on.


1 thought on “Target Weight

  1. The late Clive Gott once said to me that he didn’t believe in target weights, just in aiming to be happy. He said aiming for a target weight led to happiness followed immediately by a new target and / or unhappiness when you move back up in weight.

    I can see his point, but also think you should be congratulated for achieving so much and reaching what will have seemed at the outset to be an unrealistic goal.

    Well done!


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