Killer Question

Today I engaged in some high level whinging to my Personal Trainer.

I was complaining about how long my weight had been unchanged. How I have plateaued. How six months of slogging away in the gym had delivered me not the loss of one single pound.  And about how this was completely and utterly unfair.

And then he asked me one question.

What have you actually changed in that last six months?

I bluffed it out. Defended myself.  Argued that I had, at great personal sacrifice, entirely given up alcohol.

He pointed out to me that I gave up alcohol two weeks ago and that it therefore didn’t count, yet at least.

And then he asked me again.

What have you actually changed during that six months you are complaining about?

Leaving me to concede……. Nothing.

I haven’t made any changes so I can’t expect any miracles. I haven’t put in the effort, so I won’t get the reward. You know what they say.  Do what you have always done and get what you have always got.  I always work hard in the gym.  I always eat the same diet with the same number of calories.  So if I want different results I have to do different things, work even harder.

Sometimes, you need someone else who is prepared to point out the totally bloody obvious.

Damn it.

I hate it when he is right.

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