10 Rules of the gym

Rules of the gym, as I have found them to be.

  1. Whichever locker you choose, when you go back to it, someone is getting stuff in and out of the one immediately next to it.
  2. When your favourite song comes on your playlist, however tired you are, you will always run faster on the treadmill.
  3. You can never have too many gym clothes. FACT.
  4. If your Personal Trainer is in the room, even if he is working with some else, you will be acutely aware of his eyes burning into the back of your head and work harder than you really want to.
  5. There is always someone who leaves weights all over the floor for other people to fall over.
  6. There is always someone who thinks it totes ok to leave their sweat all over the machine for someone else to sit in.
  7. There is always someone who wants to engage you in conversation, even when you have headphones in.
  8. There will be a grunter.
  9. Even though you are going for a big workout, you still want the parking place next to the door.
  10. It is the best hour of every day.

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