The Third Place

I was introduced to the concept of the Third Place at a conference last year.

For most people work and home are the first and second place. The first place is your home and the people that you share it with.  The second place is your work, somewhere that you might actually spend most of your time.

The Third Place is something else.

It is somewhere that you don’t have to go. But a place from where you draw strength.  A place without judgement.  Somewhere or something that is just for you and only you.  A place that makes you happy.  A place in which you can find flow.  Where you don’t have to be anyone but yourself or where you don’t have to justify anything. No questions, no answers, no need.

Maybe it’s a real place. A garden, or a park. Maybe it’s an activity, like meditation or reading.  Maybe it is virtual place, like a social media platform.  Maybe it’s the pub.

Mine is the gym. Headphones in.  Weightlifting gloves on.  trainers laced.

Feeling invincible.

No one to answer to, other than myself. Nothing to prove, except to myself.  Just me, my music, and the machines.

Worries checked in at the door. Work stuff, home stuff, all of that other stuff, simply gone, just for that precious perfect hour.  Just me, for me. Making me strong, in more ways than one.

Everybody needs a third place.

Where’s yours?

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