The two sides of me.

When it comes to fitness, when it comes to weight loss, there are two sides to me. I wear two faces.  And it goes a little bit like this.

I don’t want to get up at this time in the morning and go to training. Why on earth am I doing this. I have had ENOUGH.

Oooohh, I’m in the gym and I feel AWESOME.

I really hate running.

I feel like going for a run.

(At a running event on the line). Why am I here?  WHY? I hate running.

(Afterwards). Yeay, that was awesome!

I definitely don’t need any new gym clothes. I have a lot of gym clothes.

Look at those fabulous leggings.  Buy all the things!

I am strong. I have willpower.


It doesn’t matter what I weigh. This is not the most important measure of my success.

I have put a pound on!!!!! WTAF?

I can Zumba like a boss.

*looks in mirror* I have no co-ordination whatsoever. I look like a frolicking chimpanzee.

Protein, protein, protein.


I totally need a rest day. They are really important to let your  muscles recover.  Today will be a rest day.

I can’t stop thinking about going to the gym.

I feel great when I eat good, clean food. I feel rubbish when I eat junk.  So I will do the former.


Le sigh.

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