A race.

On Sunday.

Further than I have run before.

My hip is dodgy.

My knee too.

I have no idea if I can get all away around the course, let alone run it.

I am frankly, a little bit terrified.

I don’t want to come last.

I don’t want to be the person who has to go and find a race marshal and a get lift back to the event village.

I don’t want to have to walk any of it.

These were the things going through my mind.

Then I got talking to a colleague, who is also a runner. Shared my fears and my doubts.  And he said to me, simply this.

Every time you run a new distance, ask your body to go further than it has before, it is a new adventure to see what you are capable of.

So that is what I will be holding onto on Sunday, on the journey and on the start line.

I am on an adventure.

And after all, as they say in running, dead last is better than did not finish, which is better than did not start.

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